Our SOL Sibs

We consider those we support our SOL Sibs:

Bayasong High School (BHS)

*One of the beneficiaries of our Balikbayan Boox Project. Current Wish List includes a Speech Lab.

Binanuahan Elementary School (BES)

Serving 200+ pre-K through 6th grade pupils in Pilar, Sorsogon.
*We give footwear, school uniforms, & other supplies directly to BES pupils.

Book Bridge Library (BB)

Serving as a community library & center & helping to build more children’s libraries in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
*We collect books & school supplies & ship them to BB.

Dela Paz Elementary School (DES)

Serving 2,000+ grade 1-6 pupils in Laguna.
*Our Balikbayan Boox Project has turned many DES pupils into first-time book owners and given resources to teachers.

Dominican School of Pilar (DSP)

*One of the recipients of our Balikbayan Boox Project.

Lipunang Lakbay-Libro (3Ls)

A book exchange project for college students and out-of-school youth in Laguna.
*We collect books appropriate for teens, college students, and adults & ship them to 3Ls.

Pilar High School (PHS)

*One of the beneficiaries of the Balikbayan Boox Project.

San Rafael High School (SRHS)

Rebuilding their school library after having been destroyed by Typhoon Glenda.
*We collect and ship books to help SRHS rebuild their library.

Select Families & Individuals

Needing assistance to transition from certain disasters & difficulties in life.
*We provide relief in the form of food, clothing, & other donations.

Vinisitahan Elementary School (VES)

*One of the beneficiaries of the Balikbayan Boox Project, home to 2,000+ K-6 pupils in Donsol, Bicol, Philippines.